I was 50 and ED was when I met a young woman initially did not know what happened, I could not do, and had to abandon the act of justification. A month later I was prescribed 50 mg and took him an hour before, and it worked well, we both had a good time in half for one night. I was exhausted in the morning was a little headache, and felt the heat on the body at night, but it was fine the next morning, since it was to eat been12 years as I have 62 now, and was this miracle drug is 50 mg every weekend when we deal with love and it works great. although I controlled my BP drug medication in the past 12 years has been great with Viagra. I just hope that it will help until I was 65, when I'll probably say goodbye to sex ..

Currently, 58 diagnosed with BPH 25 years ago. Never had any problems until the last few years. The combination of age, weight, and carries as much as I should. This led to performance issues and problems of rigidity. Was given 50 mg pack like a doctor, cut them in half to ease in preparation. Found that 25 mg 30 minutes to an hour before sex was fine. Do not adopted me when I was 20 years old, no more, to rush through before things "lowered". He was in a state as long as I wanted. Only problem I had a little pain in feet first, but nothing serious. Highly recommend!

There were some problems of erectile dysfunction on and off this year, with notable November 2014 decided to talk to a GP about it. Whereas Viagra 50 mg. Taken as necessary only to push things back. He took last night. A little cleaning, a little annoyed, but was worse even had a glass of wine an hour. Action in bed - incredible. Rock-solid, large, can take a long time enjoyable. Again - I woke up again at 6 for round two. And then another round at 8:30 am - the same thing again. 12:00 later, and when I turned, it happens again. Seriously impression, and if it was all pynayut started again, it's worth it.

I took many sedatives for years, and it finally accepted that it affects my sex life. I noticed this a few months ago, had a conversation with my doctor, he gave 100 mg of Viagra. Definitely does the trick, a little sweaty and I can definitely feel my heart racing, but makes you feel like a man again! My wife will call ahead to make sure that "I am ready", so I think she likes it too.

The best results for me if I take 50 mg dose before eating anything. After eating, I believe that Viagra does not help me get an erection for hours, if at all. If taken on an empty stomach, it works fast. I also get flushed, but it tells me that it works. I sometimes headaches of Viagra side effects but well worth it!

I tried a sample from my doctor eventually spend 3 of 4 in connection with his wife's chatter sentiment. The latter worked fine, rock hard and durable. Kind of expensive gamble with such terms.